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History & Philosophy

... where true success is measured by Supreme and Australian Champion titles awarded by the ANKC 


Vonpeta Kennels was founded in 1973 by Peter Damarell. For 46 years his Longwood, SA property was the home of the most successful German Shepherd Kennel in South Australia. In April 2019, the kennel was relocated to Two Wells. It was operated by Jane Pike and Peter until December 2019 who are members of Dogs SA and the German Shepherd Dog Club of South Australia. From January 2020 breeding operations reverted to Peter due to restrictions that have been placed on the breed by the GSDCA to gain Breed Survey status. 


My philosophy has always been to place most emphasis on those titles awarded by the Australian National Kennel Control (ANKC) as opposed to the awarding of an “Excellent Medallion”. Throughout the world it is generally recognised that the measuring stick for any breeding program is the SHOW RING. Gaining an excellent medallion is so easy that the kennel has bred 42 Excellent Graded animals and it has never been my main focus.  The awarding of an excellent medallion, although highly regarded by the idealists of the GSDCA, is, in my opinion a bit like playing the “clown mouths” at the side shows - EVERY PLAYER WINS A PRIZE. I only list the excellent graded animals on my web page as I know there are still some idealists who value this award.


If we do not assess our great breed against the canine fraternity at large, how do we know how the breed is tracking in the Canine World. It only takes one judge to award an excellent and many dogs never beat another animal. I have been present when 60 animals have been awarded excellent medallions whilst competing against each other. A bit like the “Under 9’s” football trophy night EVERY PLAYER GETS ONE.


There are strict ANKC rules surrounding the awarding of conformation titles and it is impossible to win these titles under one judge. For the Supreme Champion title, the animal must beat all the working breeds on a minimum of 10 occasions.


There is one important part of my kennel philosophy which I will never transgress. The GSD must firstly take its place in the general canine world and secondly be recognized as a GSD - NOT VICE VERSA as some of our GSD administrators would have us believe.

The kennel has built a reputation for breeding quality pets and show animals throughout Australia. Vonpeta Eros was the first Vonpeta dog to gain the grading of Excellent in the 70's. Vonpeta to date has bred 1 Excellent Select graded animal (Vonpeta Eva), 42 Excellent graded animals, 3 New Zealand Excellent graded, 2 Supreme Champions, 2 Grand Champion, 44 Australian Champions, 3 New Zealand Champions and 6 class winners at National Specialist Shows; Grand Champion Vonpeta Taykall by Storm A Z Class I Winner Open Bitch Class and Gold Medal Winner 2008 National (pictured below), Ch. Vonpeta Playful Prince Class II Junior Dog 1987, Ch. Vonpeta Eva A Z Class I Puppy Bitch 1996, Vonpeta Reggie Baby Puppy Bitch 2001, Vonpeta Nuffin Less Baby Puppy Dog 2010 and Vonpeta Quackawoody LSC Baby Puppy Dog 2019.  In 2012 I was pleased to announce my first Dual Champion, Australian and New Zealand Champion Vonpeta Nuffin Less A Z Class I Multi Excellent graded in Australia and New Zealand.  The kennel is renowned for being competitive in both the Specialist and All Breed Show Rings. 


The most famous litter bred by the kennel is without doubt the Vonpeta P Litter. From this litter there were 5 Australian Champions, 4 Excellent Graded animals and a National Class winner - Vonpeta Playful Prince, Pollyanna, Pinnacle, Panache and Phydeaux. The most famous individual animal bred by Vonpeta is Grand Ch Vonpeta Taykall By Storm A Z Class I Multi Excellent with numerous Best in Show awards in both the specialty and all breeds rings and the Gold Medal at the 2008 National. Not far behind her is her grand mother Ch Vonpeta Eva A Z Class I and her nephew Supreme Champion Vonpeta Ugottabekidding AZ Class I.


The results of my kennel are unparalleled if due consideration is given to the important awards, namely those recognised by the ANKC. As previously stated, I have bred 2 Supreme Champions, 2 Grand Champions, 44 Australian Champions and 3 New Zealand Champions.


I have bred 42 animals which have successfully been presented for Breed Survey, 67 animals have passed the GSDCA Hip Dysplasia Control Scheme and 68 animals have passed the GSDCA Elbow Dysplasia Control Scheme.

Winner of Breeders Group Trophy 2015 German Shepherd National Show & Trial held in Melbourne

 Breeders Group Trophy GSDC of SA Inc (Annual Award)
2006, 2009, 2012

GSDC of A Hip and Elbow Scheme for breeding animals that have passed the scheme

  Bronze Medal (10 animals), Silver Medal (25 animals) & Gold Medal (50)




Contact Details
Peter Damarell
Two Wells (formally Longwood), SA, Australia
Phone : 0412 809 499
Email : [email protected]

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